Our philosophy is to focus 100% of our time and resources on developing win-win digital solutions for consumers and creditors

RNN Leadership

The RNN executive team has over 40 years combined experience in developing cloud based digital solutions. We are tightly focused on developing the next generation of digital technology to help consumers stay on track with their payments, reduce the time and cost of negotiations and data procurement, and provide cutting edge centralized data procurement solutions.

Our Strategic Vision

The world of lending and collecting is changing and RNN’s strategic vision is to be the most innovative and trusted provider of unique win-win solutions for creditors and their customers.

The RNN Digital Platform will Provide:

  • A centralized procurement network to over 87 data sources
  • Key consumer accurate data monitoring
  • Consumer and creditor reduced costs and collections
  • Lower charge off debt, high consumer satisfaction
  • Digital Payment and Negotiation portal to provider consumers a one stop shop to make payments and negotiate their debt, quickly and easily

The RNN Executive Team

Jim Van Schaik

Jim Van Schaik

Founder & CEO

Donna Weaver

Donna Weaver


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