POSTPONED - RNN Group Rolls Out 4th Credit Bureau Data into Collections

Thursday, May 23 at 1pm EST

Please note: Webinar has been postponed.

As it turns out, there is a high-risk category of loan originators, payday lenders being one example, that do not report to the Top 3 Credit Bureaus, rather another Credit Bureau that most don’t know exists.

RNN has contracted with this sub-prime credit bureau and is rolling out a series of new data products to support increasing collections and contacts. This webinar will provide a quick background of the data bureau and the first product we’re rolling out, The 360° Consumer Report.

This must-attend webinar is for Collection professionals needing accurate data to increase contacts and drive more revenue.

What’s Different About this Data?  

  • Consumers with low credit scores are willing to provide significantly more data – Up to 30 additional data elements. RNN now has this data for you!
  • This data is incremental – not reported to the Top 3 bureaus and I’ll show you why.
  • High risk loan originators require banking and payroll dates to pull payments on pay day to assure payments and loss mitigation.
  • All this enhanced data is now available from RNN and we’re rapidly growing this product.

As a centralized procurer of actionable data, we are dedicated to R&D to expand our data sets to help our clients increase overall revenue and P&L performance. The interesting thing is, this data has existed since 2009, and virtually unknown. I’m excited to share the details and to educate you on this data. Register for the webinar today!

Hosted by Donna Weaver

Donna is the President of RNN Group and a former Amex executive. For the last 29 years as a serial entrepreneur, she has utilized her passion for digital transformation and expertise in product innovations to turn business ideas into billion-dollar success stories. Learn more about Donna.


About The RNN Group

RNN was founded in 2012 by former LexisNexis and American Express executives to build a best in class and compliant centralized source for procuring multi-product and pricing tier data solutions from a single upload.

RNN’s new generation of post charge off and collection liquidation products and solutions are designed to expedite the liquidation process and eliminate several no value touch point expenses to drive double digit profitability growth.

By constantly investing in technology, security and key personnel, the company focuses on delivering the highest level of verified results and skip trace demographic data. Its flagship product, VAST®, initially designed for judgment recovery, enables debt owners to quickly procure verified assets converting non-paying accounts to revenue generating assets and 100% eliminate dormant or inactive accounts and judgment inventory.