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RNN is dedicated to building Win-Win solutions for consumers and delivering the most current and accurate information in the marketplace.

About RNN Group

Building WIN+WIN Solutions –The RNN verification team verifies current employment status for government agencies and loan originators and is dedicating to building the next generation of digital payment solutions to help consumers manage their payments across multiple creditors.

We Protect Your FCRA Information – The same law that governs access to your credit information also governs how we handle your information on The RNN Digital Platform.  That means many controls are in place, by law, to protect your privacy. The law is known as the Fair Credit Reporting Act, or FCRA.

The Best Consumer Service – Consumers can contact RNN Group using the most convenient method to obtain RNN customer name and contact information. RNN supports requests by email, phone, and fax.

We Control Access – RNN only verifies employment status for companies with permissible purpose, defined by the credit bureau definition. Their permissible purpose must meet FCRA requirements. And we keep a record for you of everyone who views your information.

Your Data is Secure – The way we receive data from your employer is encrypted and secure, and we protect that information with state-of-the-art security.

FCRA, RNN Group, and Your Privacy

The Fair Credit Reporting Act, or FCRA, regulates how credit reporting agencies and others handle your information. Under FCRA, we are a Consumer Reporting Agency and subject to its requirements. We’re committed to safeguarding your privacy, and we fully comply with FCRA requirements. That means we do many things to protect your rights as a consumer. Here are a few of the most important ones:

  • We validate the identity of all users of the system before granting access to make sure they have a legal right to see the information about you that your employer provided.
  • We require all users of the system to tell us why they need a consumer’s employment, income, or other data. In FCRA terms, this reason is called a Permissible Purpose.
  • RNN is partnered with Experian. If credit is denied consumers can contact the credit bureaus directly to request a free copy of their credit report.

Request Copy of Your Credit Report from Experian: you believe the information contained in your Employment Data Report is incorrect, we will contact the employer and investigate.

Employment Profile Report

If RNN has contacted your employer to request current status, consumers can contact RNN to request to a current employment status report. This report is intended to present transparency regarding your information on the RNN platform, collected by our agents. There are three ways to get the report:

Employee Data Dispute: The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) provides consumers with the right to request and obtain information about them that RNN Group maintains in The RNN database.

  • RNN Group will provide consumers with an Employment Status Report (ESR), a copy of the information potentially given to those who request employment information. Consumers have the right to dispute the information contained in the EDR that they believe may be inaccurate or incomplete.

    When disputing information please provide your complete name, address, social security number and clearly identify each item in your EDR you want to dispute. Due to privacy concerns, we can only provide EDR’s to people who validate their identity by submitting (2) forms of identity verification documents. Under the FCRA, Experian will investigate to verify the accuracy and completeness of all disputed information contained in your report.

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